North COunty indoor volleyball



We abide by the USAV Rule book




Playing the Ball

- When the first ball over the net rebounds from one part of a player’s body to another after a block.

- On any first team hit, whether or not the block touches the ball.

Net Play

- Attacking team has completed three allowable hits

- Ball is falling near the net and, in the official’s judgment, no legal member of the attacking team could make a play on the ball.

Net and Center-Line Violations


sportsmanship policy

This is big. We want intense competition, sometimes that can come with intense frustration. 

We expect you to handle that frustration without...

-Talking down to your teammates

-Talking down to the other team

-Excessive yelling (profanity or otherwise)

You'll get one "cool down" warning, then you will be suspended from the season.

Our leagues are self-refereed - that places the responsibility on all players to administer and adhere to the rules. Not calling your fault is poor sportsmanship and if it becomes a recurring issue, you may be suspended from the season. Call your stuff.

forfeit policy

Forfeits suck. For the players who did show up and for the opposing team. Everybody is losing time and money.

If your team does not have enough players for your game, please contact us as at at least 24 hours before your scheduled start time.

If you fail to notify us within 24 hours, the team who forfeited will have their next scheduled game canceled. The opposing team will be scheduled in their place for an exhibition game, if this is not possible due to schedule constraints, that team will receive a discount on their next registration.

If you show up and your team left you hanging, you will also receive a discount on your next registration.

Changing this policy due to an emergency will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

In 6's a forfeit is less than 4 players. In Co-ed 1 of those four needs to be a female.

In 4's, you need at least 2 people on the court, 1 of them being a female for Co-ed.

In Trips and 2's, minimum of 2 people. No less than 1 female in Co-ed.

Refund policy

If you are injured or unable to complete a season, we are happy to offer you a partial refund if a replacement player can be found.